About Gunung Capital

Gunung Capital is a private investment management company focused on impact investments guided by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) frameworks. The management team’s vision is to help the world better protect the environment by investing and supporting carbon markets, encouraging adoption of decarbonisation technology and related innovation, establishing carbon credits as a recognised emerging asset class, and ultimately funnelling more capital into sustainable enterprises. Partnering closely with global investors, policy makers, non-governmental organizations and enterprises, Gunung Capital is committed to making the future of transformation capital flow more seamlessly and efficiently.

Factoring In Carbon Cost

As the world moves towards a sustainable future, factoring in the cost of carbon will become a core tenet of responsible investing. Forward-thinking institutional investors are already doing this, and we believe that soon the majority of institutional investors will follow and take immediate climate action within their portfolio. Failing to factor in carbon costs will result in significant risks of being left with stranded assets.

Global Opportunities

While we are based in Asia, our investment thesis, scope, and outlook is global. We believe both developed and emerging markets will offer attractive investment opportunities in sustainable and green industries and technologies. We believe in good corporate citizenship and our investments are closely aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Transformational Investing

For some hard-to-abate industries, there are clear challenges in charting a path to net zero. That is why carbon credits will be an important tool in helping these companies offset their carbon footprint and achieving their net zero goals. Carbon credits will establish itself as an important new asset class that will further catalyze transformational investing.

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