Fighting Climate Change Through Trade

3rd August, 2022

The climate crisis is spiraling out of control. Over the last several decades, extreme heat exposure has increased 200 percent for urban populations, causing thousands of premature deaths annually in the United States. Recent heat waves in India and Pakistan saw temperatures in excess of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, putting over a billion lives at risk. Soaring temperatures in Europe in July have killed thousands, sparked raging wildfires, and melted airport tarmacs.

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The Correlation of Climate Change and Conflict

28th July, 2022

In a milestone study in 2015, researchers analysed a total of 55 studies and discovered that changes in temperature and rain patterns heighten the risk of conflict. The results published stated that a rise in temperature by just a mere degree celsius increases conflict between individuals by 2.4 per cent and conflict between groups by 11.3 per cent. As we all know, correlation does not directly imply causation – yet there is abundant proof to show that climate change amplifies conflict.

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Green steel appetite driven by urbanization, sustainability awareness - Gunung Raja Paksi

28th July, 2022

PT Gunung Raja Paksi Tbk is engaging closely with organisations such as the Green Building Council and working on obtaining certifications that will allow it to show transparently that its supply chain is sustainable and supports decarbonisation.

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Carbon credits conundrum: What’s left for countries hosting carbon projects as VCMs develop?

25th July, 2022

As efforts to develop Article 6-compliant carbon markets step up and voluntary carbon market activities develop, host countries are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact that international carbon projects may have on their future.

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How The National Debt Affects Your Investments

23rd July, 2022

They aren’t the same thing. The national debt is essentially IOUs incurred by a government that hasn’t been repaid yet. At the same time, a budget deficit results from a shortfall in government revenue compared to government spending, in addition to the outstanding debt incurred by the government.

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Indonesian steelmaker senses opportunity in capital relocation

21st July, 2022

JAKARTA -- Indonesia's largest privately owned steelmaker will spend more than 1 trillion rupiah ($66.8 million) to increase production as demand for steel swells, in part due to construction projects related to the relocation of key government functions to the island of Borneo, Gunung Raja Paksi's top executive told Nikkei Asia.

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Gunung Capital sets its sights on ESG assets with $500 million war chest

14th June, 2022

The family office aims to tap its heavy industry experience to help others make the green transition and deploy its capital in clean energy and climate tech projects.

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Asian PE to ride on post-pandemic fervour for innovation

2nd June, 2022

The widespread adoption of technology in Asia will also spur private equity deals as businesses and economies recover from the Covid pandemic. The private equity (PE) market in Asia can expect more deal opportunities as governments revive their economies and businesses prepare for a different world in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

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Starting the Decarbonisation Journey

27th May, 2022

Climate Impact X (CIX) completed a pilot auction of a portfolio of high-quality carbon credits in November 2021. The auction successfully cleared 170,000 carbon credits from eight recognised natural climate solutions (NCS) projects curated to form a diversified portfolio, at USD 8.00 per tonne. Each of the NCS projects, spanning reforestation and avoided deforestation initiatives – across Africa, Asia and Latin America – demonstrate the high-performance of carbon sequestration and high levels of verified co-benefits, such as supporting biodiversity, along with social and economic development in local communities.

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Singapore Plans a Steep Rise in Carbon Tax on Big Emitters

28th April, 2022

Singapore plans to dramatically increase the tax it levies on greenhouse gas pollution from its biggest emitters from 2024, as the city-state seeks to speed efforts to reach net-zero emissions.

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Gunung Capital’s Kimin Tanoto: “China will lead in the fight to lower carbon emissions in the whole of Asia” copy

9th February, 2022

At the backdrop of the Glasgow Climate Pact, Kimin Tanoto and Kelvin Fu of Gunung Capital, shared how they are supporting portfolio companies to lower carbon footprint in Indonesia and expand impact investments in Asia. With the introduction of emission trading system (ETS), Tanoto is optimistic about China spearheading carbon reduction agenda in the region.

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Gunung Capital Donates Healthcare Center to Support Local Mothers & Children

2nd February, 2022

Gunung Capital has partnered with Yayasan Habitat Kemanusian Indonesia to build and operate a new Posyandu building that will deliver healthcare services.

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